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The Best Time to Order Flowers for Valentine’s Day in Cebu

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Cebu Flower Shop: We all know that when the day hits the month of February, it means, it’s the LOVE month and the most awaited date for that matter is February 14 which is Valentine’s day in the entire world. Therefore, expect those lovebirds to be more affectionate on this very special day. So, the question now is, When’s the best time to order flowers for Valentine’s Day here in Cebu, Philippines?

For the budget-conscious hopeless romantic lad, picking the right dates to order bouquets or floral arrangement is essential. Because the goal is to save money for a very expensive expression of love without sacrificing quality on the big day! And for those living outside the Philippine Archipelago but has the other pair of their heart in one of the 7, 700 islands, sending flowers now is very easy! Thanks to the internet technology and e-commerce platform.



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Cebu Florist

For Filipinos and/or Cebuanos especially the ladies, receiving flowers is definitely not an issue anymore if your sweetheart is as sweet as giving you flowers. For those sending flowers to the Philippines, there is no need to worry as it is now made easy and convenient with just clicks or taps of your computer or ipads. As long as you have the internet, with our website, as a dedicated online flower shop in Cebu, we make sure you have a variety of options to be delivered on the very special day.

We are Cebu Florists with a physical flower shop in Talamban and is operating officially est. 2015. However, our skills in floral arranging can be traced way back 2005 when we were just catering to close friends and relatives only for some momentous occasions that need creative flower centerpieces until we officially launched 3 years ago into a business.

We definitely guarantee quality and beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements to be delivered on Valentine’s day here in Cebu and in any parts of the Philippines!

Ordering Flowers for Valentine’s Day

We highly suggest that customers order flowers in advance at least in the period between January 15 to January 31. Prices would still be on regular rates and if you make advance paid bookings, it means you are purchasing bouquets or floral arrangements at a cheaper price, yet, to be delivered on Valentine’s day. Therefore, you save money before local florists and online flower shops spike up  prices when the calendar hits February 1. Expect prices to double or triple than regular days. Making an early purchase of flowers in the month of January is definitely a wise option. Take that word from the florist’ tongue.

Flower Shop in Cebu

For those who are working in overseas, outside the Philippines and would wish to greet their love ones with fragrant and beautiful flowers on Valentine’s day, our cebu flower shop with an online display of bouquets, baskets of flowers, box of flowers, stuffed toys, chocolates, etc. could cater to your needs for delivery. Take note that we have limited deliveries on Valentine’s day and it’s on a first come, first serve basis. So to take advantage of the delivery slots. An advance booking is highly suggested.

For Cebu Flower delivery, feel free to contact us here on our website or connect with us with our various social media accounts that you can see somewhere here on our online site.

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