Cebu Frozen Flowers
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Snowy Flowers in Cebu


Product Description

Snowy Flowers or Frozen Flowers

Snowy flowers are 100% real flowers that can last up to 10 years. Snowy Flowers will bloom when dry, close within 20 seconds when its being watered.

You can definitely have it as wedding favors, birthday gifts or corporate giveaways or maybe as a romantic gift or token of love or appreciation. You can be very creative in how you packaged it. Put it on a pot, or a tin, or a glass vase? Orders should be done at least 2 weeks.

For bulk purchases, pls. contact us directly at 513-5542 or 0929-798-2124 or email:


1000 pcs is P11/stem= Php 11,000.00

2000 pcs is P10/stem= Php 20,000.00

3000 pcs is P9/stem= Php 27,000.00

4000 pcs is P8/stem= Php 32,000.00

5000 pcs is P7/stem= Php 35,000.00


100 pcs is P18/stem = Php 1,800.00

200 pcs is P17/stem = Php 3,400.00

300 pcs is P16/stem = Php 4,800.00

400 pcs is P15/stem = Php 6,000.00

500 pcs is P14/stem = Php 7,000.00


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