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Snowy Flowers or Frozen Flowers in Cebu

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Snowy Flowers

Snowy Flowers, heard of it? Or even Frozen Flowers? It’s now available in Cebu through our flower shop. It closes when sprayed on the petals with drinking or distilled or rain water. And it blooms when it’s dry. It could actually last for 10 years! That’s too long! And these are real flowers, mind you!

Cebu Snowy Flowers Frozen Flowers


What type of flower?

Snowy flower is a type of Chrysanthemum that underwent some frosting technology process.

Use of Snowy Flower or Frozen Flower?

You can definitely have it as wedding favors, birthday gifts or corporate giveaways or maybe as a romantic gift or token of love or appreciation. You can be very creative in how you packaged it. Put it on a pot, or a tin, or a glass vase?

These snowy flowers need less watering, minimal sunlight and no fertilizer!


Cebu Frozen Flowers


How to take care of your Frozen flower?

Spray with water 1-2 times a week. (Note: Aim spray to the petals and not on the moss/base)
It only need minimal sunlight so expose them for 5-10 mins only 3-5 times a week to bloom well
Don’t close the jar when flowers are still wet to avoid mold formation.

You may use distilled water or rain water in spraying the flowers to avoid water marks on your jars/glasses.


Cebu Snowy Flowers Glow in the dark


Glow in the Dark Snowy Flowers


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